Payment Processing


Risk Management

Fraudulent or suspicious transactions can happen anytime, anywhere, and without notice. Our proprietary transaction monitoring system proactively works to protect merchants and their customers to reduce risk and to prevent and minimize losses.

Dedicated Chargeback Department

Chargebacks occur for many reasons. Dealing with a chargeback is not only frustrating for the merchant, but requires immediate action to prevent loss. At bluu, our dedicated team of chargeback specialists works closely with our merchants to help resolve chargeback cases quickly and effectively.


Providing merchants with a secure processing environment is a top priority at bluu. To that end, we educate and work with merchants to be PCI DSS compliant with the most up-to-date security standards in the industry. PCI DSS protects highly sensitive card information from fraudulent influences. PCI DSS affects all parties who handle payment cards - including the merchants. Our proprietary PCI SAQ Web Portal is an integral part of our PCI compliance.


bluu has a network of redundancies implemented in case of a disaster. With multiple servers located across the country, we make sure our merchants can remain up and running.


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