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bluu Retail is an Android™ based point-of-sale solution intended for smaller apparel, convenience, liquor, and other retail store types. This industry leading next generation solution is powerful, reliable, and packed with all the key features needed to efficiently run a retail business.
bluu Retail has a customizable, intuitive user interface that maximizes productivity, while the customer and business management features help improve customer flow and increase revenue. The bluu back office provides robust business analytics to streamline employee, vendor, and inventory management to help maximize profitability and control losses.

Value-Added Products


FlexGift® allows merchants to market their business cost effectively by encouraging customer loyalty. Merchants provide their own branded gift/loyalty cards to turn the infrequent buyer to a regular customer.
  • Merchants can e-mail gift cards directly to their customers
  • Send e-Gift cards via e-mail
  • QR code, barcode format and card number available
  • Easy to reload cards
FlexGift® Mobile App
  • Customers can now carry all of their FlexGift® cards in their smartphone
  • Register multiple cards
  • Transfer balance between cards
  • Report lost or stolen cards

Gift & Loyalty Program

  • Integrated gift card program in POS system - Mobile app, e-cards or physical cards
  • Transfer balance between cards
  • Real time transaction history and balance



  • Customized reporting tools
  • View sales and transaction history


  • View/manage customer purchase and visit history
  • Built-in gift and loyalty capabilities


  • Manage walk-in, online, and recurring reservations
  • Send reservation confirmation via e-mail


  • Easily join, move, or split tables and checks
  • Manage cash on floor accurately

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